Hannes Jaeckl photographed by (C)2017 Manu Hahn

I was born in 1973 in Vasoldsberg / Austria (EU) and I´m into music, sound and art since I´m around.

As a kid I started to record my friends with my mighty Fostex 4 Track tape recorder. Basically nothing has changed since then, except that I added a whole studio – I call it “Home Vasoldsberg” – to that mighty Fostex tape machine.

In the meantime I´m specialized on nearly every field of sound production:
Recording (studio, on location, music, dialogue, sound design…), Mixing (analog and/or digital in my studio or elsewhere), Mastering (for digital and analog distribution), Audio Restoration (Dialogue, Film, TV, DVD, Vinyl, Tape or whatever has to be fixed :-)…

Since there was not always someone around who I could record, I started to compose and record my songs by myself. Since then I joined bands like Sans Secours (AT), Ampersand (DE), Man and Mountain (AT) and Werefox (SLO) as a composer, author, guitarist and singer.  Besides writing music/lyrics and arranging music for my bands, I also wrote and produced dozens of soundtracks for other artists, motion pictures, product videos and adds (check “My Productions“).

In the beginning of 2020 I co-founded the media production company “Man And Mountain LLC” in Skopje / North Macedonia.

Feel free to contact me.